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Low latency digital infrastructure.

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OneQode Globe A dark globe centred on Asia-Pacific highlighting OneQode locations in Guam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, connected via a low-latency subsea cable network

Cloud platform

Blazing-fast cloud instances built for real-time performance


Custom solutions

Digital infrastructure solutions tailored to your exact requirements


Carrier network

Latency-optimized network built for gaming and real-time applications

Trusted by brands that put performance first

Reach users
in milliseconds.

Deliver performance-sensitive
services at lightning speed

Less lag

With the network built for real-time

Experience smooth and responsive performance with a network built specifically for gaming & real-time applications.

Our network

More power

From the world’s fastest CPUs

Unleash the full potential of your services and applications, powered by the fastest CPUs on the market.

Cloud platform
Dedicated servers

Further reach

Connect more users via our central hubs

Expand your audience and improve performance with our APAC Central hub located in Guam. You’ll reach billions of users at low latency.

APAC Central

DDoS protected

Stay online without compromising performance

Always perform at your best with included DDoS protection. We automatically block malicious traffic without interruption or degradation.

DDoS mitigation

OneQode in action.

Serving incredible experiences across 3 continents

The furthest-reaching CS2 league

Los Angeles to New Delhi. Vladivostok to Perth.

Players from 3 continents crossed paths, clashing strategies, tactics and styles.

OneQode Frontier

OneQode Frontier, Presented by LetsPlayLive

Powering a groundbreaking CS:GO tournament

OneQode’s gaming infrastructure fuelled a world first event for Oceanic Esports

OneQode facilitated the first cross-regional, Asia-Pacific online CS:GO tournament.

Case Study

Oceanic Esports Logo

Unleashing immersive sim racing experiences

APAC Central unlocked inter-continental Asseto Corsa races for Prosimcentre

Our infrastructure united the competitive racing community in 3 continents.


Delivering peak performance game servers

OneQode host elite game server hardware for PacificES, our first acquisition

Top-tier esports professionals in Asia-Pacific rely on PacificES servers for their competitive infrastructure.

PacificES Logo

Hosting the Quakeworld Grand Final

OneQode served a nail-biting 1v1 final between Australia and the US

When a traditionally-offline event had to go online-only, APAC Central brought the world closer together.

Quakecon Logo

Delivering low-latency gaming routes

OneQode’s network provides low latency connectivity for WTFast in Asia-Pacific

Gamers across the region use their optimizer to reduce ping and get a better gaming experience.

WTFast Logo