OneQode™ for Business

Business connectivity.

Low-latency business internet and connectivity

With OneQode,
nanoseconds matter.

This is the telco for real-time internet

We build insanely fast connectivity for businesses, financial traders, gamers, and innovators. Laser-focussed on speed and capacity, we’re engineering Australia’s network of the future.

Shortest paths

Traffic is sent along the shortest possible network path, and we adopt new paths as they become available.

Fastest route to Asia

The first carrier to go operational on the JGA-S submarine cable, the fastest route to Asia from Australia’s east coast.

Fastest switches

We use Arista switches across our network, the fastest switches in the industry.

Proprietary routing

Our custom in-house routing solution shaves milliseconds, further reducing latency.

Why OneQode?

Intercontinental reach,
uncompromising speed.

Points of presence in three continents
get you to the action faster

OneQode Network Map A map of Asia-Pacific showing the OneQode network connecting Sydney, the Sunshine Coast, Guam, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and the United States Guam Japan Taipei Hong Kong Philippines Singapore Russia South Korea Australia USA OneQode Network Map

Easy management,
great support

All OneQode services are easy to control via the OneQode portal, where you can order and manage services, pay invoices, and request support.

99.95% uptime excluding planned outages

As you'd expect, high availability comes as standard. In the unlikely event of an unplanned outage, we'll get on it right away, and, as you'll see in our friendly business terms, if it goes for longer than 4 hours, we'll credit your account a percentage of your monthly spend.

SLA Service Credits Scheme 0% credit for under 4 hours, 10% credit for 4 to 6 hours, 20% credit for 6 to 12 hours, and 30% credit for more than 12 hours" 12 hrs 6 hrs 4 hrs 0% 10% 20% 30%


Using one of our enterprise services?
This is your gateway

An ONNI, is a network-to-network interface with the OneQode ecosystem. If you're ordering an enterprise service, it can pass over an ONNI, which we provide for free.

An ONNI represents a physical location on one of our switches in one of our global points of presence. Once you have created a cross-connect to your ONNI, we can seamlessly deliver OneQode services to your network.