Enterprise ethernet.

Secure private connectivity across
cities, states, and countries

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Ultra low latency ethernet,
without the price tag.

Blazing fast ethernet links for your offices,
commercial spaces, and data centres

It’s easy to connect your business locations with an Ethernet Private Line service from OneQode.

Served over our premium, low latency network, with all the features you’d expect, topped off with flat, transparent pricing — you’ll always get a fair deal.

Connect two facilities,
or an entire organisation

Whether you’re linking up two offices or building an international WAN, our flexible Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint ethernet services provide easy connectivity.

Get the best possible last-mile technology

As a carrier-neutral telco, we will leverage whatever technology works best for your last-mile, be it fibre, fixed wireless, 5G, or satellite. You’ll get a right-sized ethernet solution.

Measure in milliseconds, not megabits

Less waiting, more action. We prioritise latency above all, investing heavily in hardware, transit and interconnection to ensure peak network performance.

Traverse Australia,
or the Asia-Pacific.

With the fastest path to Asia from Australia’s
east coast, you’ll move faster with OneQode

Our ethernet services are available in all major Australian CBDs, and can reach across the country or overseas.

Brisbane • Sydney • Gold Coast • Sunshine Coast • Melbourne • Guam • Hong Kong • Tokyo • Los Angeles

Ethernet specifications.

Range of speeds • Unlimited data • Symmetrical

Bandwidth 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps
Last-mile options Fibre optic, fixed wireless, NBN, 4G, 5G, or satellite. Location and requirement-dependent.
On-site requirements 1RU + power for NTD
Supported MTU Up to 9000 bytes (Jumbo frames)
VLAN Limitations Full C-Tag support
We do not support S-Tags
Protocols Full Layer 2 and Layer 3 support
QoS QoS tags ignored but carried
Ethernet On-Net Facilities
  • NextDC B2
  • Equinix BR1
  • Sunshine Coast CLS
New South Wales
  • Equinix SY1-5
  • Global Switch
  • North America - Coresite LA2
  • Asia-Pacific – GNC Guam
  • Japan - @Tokyo CC2
  • Hong Kong - Mega-i