Dedicated Servers

High performance
dedicated servers.

Built for organizations that demand the best

There are servers.

Then there are servers on the OneQode network.

We custom-build insanely performant servers and fuse them to a low-latency network that was built for gaming and real-time apps.

With lightning-fast reach to billions of people across Asia-Pacific, our network lets you extract the full potential of every server.

OneQode Global Points of Presence A world map centred on Asia-Pacific showing the OneQode Points of Presence in Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Guam (APAC Central), Tokyo, Hong Kong & Los Angeles Tokyo Seattle Bay Area Los Angeles Hong Kong Singapore Guam (APAC Central) Manila Sunshine Coast Brisbane Sydney Melbourne OneQode Global Network Rollout Map

Performance, unleashed.

Get a low-latency server fleet throughout Asia-Pacific without the hassle of logistics, networking, power and cooling.

Custom dedicated servers

Incredible servers crafted for pure, unbridled performance

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Cloud servers

Power on demand. Designed for performance, flexibility and scale

Cloud platform


Your hardware, our data centres and low-latency network

Datacenter solutions

Built different.

The ultimate in dedicated server performance

We use the latest AMD Ryzen™, AMD EPYC™, Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon™ processors, top-of-the-line motherboards and multi-gigabit network cards for peak performance.

You’ll support higher workloads, fit more users on every server and achieve incredibly low latency.

Faster CPUs

We use the fastest commercially-available CPUs, giving you the capability to run the most demanding games and applications.

Quicker network

The shortest path to user, blazing-fast routing, a unique APAC Central location and low-latency reach across the region.

Premium Anti-DDoS

In-line DDoS protection blocks malicious attacks before they can enter the network.

Remote IPMI access

Get complete control with remote system access for out-of-band management and monitoring.

Easy to work with.

We work with you every step of the way to give you the red carpet experience, as well as the best possible technology outcome.

Tailored service & support

With onboarding and support staff on hand in Australia, Asia and the United States, we’re here to help you win.

Surprisingly affordable

Not only are our servers better, our pricing is in line with — if not more affordable than — the major providers. Contact for details.

Flexible billing & usage

With hourly billing for cloud and zero month contracts available for dedicated servers, it’s easy to scale your games & applications with us.

All the extras you’d expect:

Volume discounts

If you’re buying more stuff, you should pay less money. So we make sure you’re looked after.

24/7 monitoring

We keep an eye on our network at all times to keep services operating at peak performance.

Expert support

Direct access to a team of experts who’ll do what it takes for you to succeed.

IP Addresses

Need more or something custom? We’ve got you covered. Reach out for more information.