Asia-Pacific’s newest server region

Guam was an internet interchange. We’ve made it a meeting point.

OneQode, in a regional first, has deployed server and datacentre capacity in Guam to level the playing field and radically improve real-time internet applications in Asia Pacific.

Russia 60 milliseconds South Korea 40 milliseconds Japan 27 milliseconds USA 109 milliseconds Australia 63 milliseconds Singapore 61 milliseconds Philippines 40 milliseconds China 46 milliseconds Hong Kong 36 milliseconds A stylised map showing Guam, with subsea cables and latencies to nearby countries
4.98 billion people in connected countries.
53 milliseconds average latency to Guam

A game-changer for
real-time applications.

Videoconferencing, voice calls, messaging, live streaming, eSports, financial trading, advertising, IoT

As internet consumption explodes, and internet applications demand more, Guam represents a sea-change for smooth real-time connectivity.

Less latency, more opportunity.

We’re making our infrastructure commercially available.

This unlocks opportunities for smoother international communications, regional low-latency multiplayer gaming and improved data reliability.

Financial Trading
Live Streaming
eSports Tournaments
Data Processing
Game Hosting
Programmatic Ads
Conference Hosting
Voice & Audio Transmission
Chat & Messaging
Collaboration Software
Off-Site Backup
Enterprise Networking

“...could have massive consequences for an enormous chunk of gaming across the Asia-Pacific”