OneQode Cloud Services

The high performance
cloud platform.

A faster cloud built for
performance and latency

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  • 3.7 GHz+ CPUs
  • Latency optimized
  • API accessible
  • DDoS protected

Lightning fast cloud servers.

Perfect for gaming, transcoding and real-time apps

OneQode xer.medium 2,373
AWS c6i.large 1,375
Alibaba Cloud ecs.hfc7.large 1,198
DigitalOcean c-2 1,189
Azure Standard_F2s_v2 1,132
Geekbench 5 multi-core performance comparison
Comparing instances with 2 vCPUs and 4GB RAM. Tested on Feb 22 2022

3.7 GHz+ processors

High clock speeds give you the power to operate compute-intensive workloads, high tickrate game servers, and real-time applications.

Zero overprovisioning

You’ll get better performance from dedicated CPU threads with no overprovisioning. Have it all to yourself, with no-one sharing your resources.

OpenStack powered

Built on an open-source foundation, the platform has an OpenStack-compatible API, with resources from a vast developer community.

Delivered to your users
at low latency.

Over a network built for gaming & real-time

Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo Guam Manila Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Los Angeles LA Seattle Vancouver Chennai Muscat Hawaii Vladivostok Seoul Davao Jakarta Surabaya Darwin Perth
OneQode Globe A dark globe centred on Asia-Pacific highlighting OneQode locations in Guam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, connected via a low-latency subsea cable network

Latency optimized

Get lightning-fast network performance with our global network that was built for gaming and real-time services.

Global network

No hidden egress fees

Data ingress and egress are treated the same under our transparent pricing model, making it easy to calculate costs.

First 10TB per month free

Each month you’ll get 10TB of account-wide data transfer in our free tier, maximising your savings.

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Exclusive APAC Central region.

Reach billions from one location

Our flagship cloud location is located in the heart of the Pacific on the island of Guam, giving you low latency reach across the region.

APAC Central

Russia 85 milliseconds South Korea 60 milliseconds Japan 29 milliseconds Guam (APAC Central) USA 108 milliseconds Australia 70 milliseconds Singapore 65 milliseconds Philippines 60 milliseconds China 55 milliseconds Hong Kong 45 milliseconds A stylised map showing Guam (APAC Central), with subsea cables and latencies to nearby countries
DDoS analytics chart An illustrative analytics chart showing DDoS attacks being mitigated in real time by our DDoS protection infrastructure. 1 Gbps 2 Gbps 3 Gbps 4 Gbps 16:50 16:52 16:54 16:56 16:58 17:00 17:02 17:04

Always on DDoS protection.

TL;DR it’s great and free

Every network entrance is guarded by industry-leading Corero DDoS mitigation appliances that keep you online, uninterrupted.

Traffic is scrubbed and filtered in real-time. It’s always-on, and included for free.

DDoS protection

API accessible.

Built for power-users

Launch and manage your cloud environment programmatically through a friendly RESTful API — or via the command line.

You’ll have complete control, and a powerful automation layer to manage your infrastructure.

API Documentation

								#!/usr/bin/env ruby/v3/
								# api example:
								# connects to your api endpoint
								# lists all available images, flavors
								# starts a server, runs a remote command via ssh and then shuts down
								require 'fog/openstack'
								@connection_params = {
								 openstack_auth_url: '<oneqode-api-endpoint>',
								 openstack_username: '<username>',
								 openstack_api_key: '<apikey>',
								 openstack_project_name: '<projectname>',
								 openstack_domain_id: 'default'
								new_line = "\n\n"
								compute =
								neutron =
								images = compute.images
								flavors = compute.flavors
								# list all available images
								puts 'listing all available images:'
								for image in images do
								puts new_line
								puts 'list all instance flavors:'
								for flavor in flavors do
								 puts "name: #{}"
								 puts "RAM: #{flavor.ram}"
								 puts "VCPUS: #{flavor.vcpus}"
								flavor = flavors.first
								image = images.first
								puts "creating an instance of #{} on a #{}"
								instance = compute.servers.create name: 'example server',
								 nics: [{ :net_id => }]
								instance.wait_for { ready? }
								puts 'running a remote command:'
								result = instance.ssh ['uname -a']
								puts result.stdout
								puts 'destroying the server:'
								puts instance.destroy
Abstract concept of a storage cluster in the OneQode cloud platform

Storage for all the things.

Fast SSD-based cloud storage

Image storage
For boot images and snapshot backups of your cloud instances.

Volume storage
Block storage that can be shared across multiple cloud instances.

Object storage
S3-compatible object storage, perfect for large files and media.

Plays nice with your tech stack.

No lock-in, no problem

Our cloud platform is built on OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure platform.

Use Terraform? Too easy. Love Ansible? No problem. We’re not reinventing the wheel, and our open platform works with whatever DevOps toolkit you’re using.

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All the features you’d expect.

Everything a cloud needs; nothing it doesn’t

Cloud compute

  • CPU-optimized instances
  • Image creation & management
  • SSH key management
  • Cloud-init support

Cloud storage

  • Block volume storage
  • Object storage (S3-compatible)
  • Image storage
  • Backups and snapshots

Cloud networking

  • Cloud networks
  • Cloud routers
  • Cloud firewalls
  • Floating IPs