Built for gaming.
Ready for anything.

The high-performance cloud and network for Asia-Pacific

Reach more people across Asia-Pacific at low latency with OneQode.
Performance cloud, strategic locations, DDoS-protected.

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Low-latency network

Designed for competitive gaming

An international carrier network built from the ground-up to eliminate lag.

Our network

A highway for your traffic

Bypass incumbents and deliver data as close to players as possible.

Unrivalled latency

Route traffic over the shortest path, eliminating latency at every turn.

On-demand cloud

Compute without compromise

Blazing-fast processing power, available at a moment’s notice.

Cloud Platform
Screenshot of the OneQode Cloud Platform

High performance compute

A faster cloud that gives you more performance and less latency.

API accessible

Automation-friendly. Plays nice with your existing infrastructure.

High-performance servers

Raw power, built for speed

High clockrate custom servers optimised for high tickrate game workloads.

An illustration of a OneQode game server

Better experience

Each processor is 3.7 GHz+, supporting the most demanding applications.

DDoS protected

Network-wide protection keeps servers online and unharmed.

APAC Central

Reach billions with Asia-Pacific’s
central server region.

Our exclusive Guam gaming hub connects players from across Asia-Pacific on a level playing field, unlocking a new world of cross-regional gaming.

APAC Central

OneQode in Action

Powering a groundbreaking interregional tournament.

How OneQode’s gaming infrastructure fuelled
a world-first for Asia-Pacific esports

Case Study
A live Twitch stream of OneQode’s Guam Gaming Tournament playing on a television, with two people sitting on a couch watching