Low-latency multiplayer.

Network and server infrastructure
for game studios developers publishers communities server providers

Reach more gamers across Asia-Pacific at low latency with OneQode.
Performance servers, strategic locations, DDoS-protected.

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Low-latency infrastructure
to build your game on.

We operate a latency-optimised infrastructure platform designed for the demands of competitive gaming. You’ll reach more players at lower latency, whilst reducing infrastructure costs.

Low-latency network

Designed for the future of gaming

An international carrier network, built from the ground-up to eliminate lag.

Our network

A highway for game traffic

Our hyperfast international carrier network bypasses constricted incumbents and delivers game data as close to players as possible.

Unrivalled latency

The laws of physics are the only enemy. Our proprietary routing sends traffic over the shortest path, eliminating latency at every turn.

High-performance servers

Raw power, built for speed

High clockrate custom servers optimised for demanding, high tickrate game workloads.

Game servers
An illustration of a OneQode game server

Market-leading CPUs

All processors clock in at 3.7 GHz or more, giving you the capability to deliver the most demanding games.

DDoS protected

Network-wide protection keeps servers online and unharmed.

On-demand cloud

Compute without compromise

Blazing-fast processing power, available at a moment’s notice.

Cloud Platform
Screenshot of the OneQode Cloud Platform

Kubernetes or compute

Supports containerised or virtualised game server workloads.

API accessible

Automation-friendly; plays nice with your orchestration solution.

Guam Gaming Hub

Reach billions with Asia-Pacific’s
newest server region.

Our exclusive Guam Gaming Hub connects players from across Asia-Pacific on a level playing field, unlocking a new world of cross-regional gaming.

About Guam

OneQode in Action

Powering a groundbreaking interregional tournament.

How OneQode’s gaming infrastructure fuelled
a world-first for Asia-Pacific eSports

Case Study
A live Twitch stream of OneQode’s Guam Gaming Tournament playing on a television, with two people sitting on a couch watching