global IP Transit.

Asia-Pacific's low latency transit provider

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Why OneQode
for IP transit?

  • Built for real-time connectivity
  • Optimized for gaming
  • Full and domestic routing table
  • Dual-stack IPv4 / IPv6
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • DDoS-protected network

Transit delivery facilities

United States Washington
  • Westin Building Seattle
  • CoreSite - Los Angeles (LA2)
  • Hurricane Electric Fremont 2
  • AT TOKYO Chuo Center 1 (CC1)
Hong Kong
  • Global Switch
  • iAdvantage MEGA-i
  • Equinix HK1
  • Global Switch
  • WebSatMedia
  • Telin-3
  • Equinix SG3
  • VITRO Makati 1
  • VITRO Makati 2
  • Reliance
  • TATA Communications Piti CLS
  • AT&T Tanguisson
Australia Queensland
  • NEXTDC SC1 (Sunshine Coast CLS)
  • Equinix BR1
New South Wales
  • Equinix SY4
  • Global Switch Sydney


Our IP Transit service connects you to the internet via the hyperfast OneQode network.

You’ll get a 21st century IP transit experience, delivered across our blazing fast Arista-powered network.

Upstream Providers

We have direct partnerships in place with the world’s leading transit providers: Telstra, NTT, TPG, AT&T, China Mobile International, GTA, and Voxility.

IP Transit specifications.

Speeds From Mbps to Gbps
Burst Speeds
  • 95th Percentile Bursting
  • 1:2 ratio only
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Port Speeds
  • 1G-LX
  • 10G-LR
  • 40G-LR4
  • 100G-LR4
LACP Supported
Service Handoff
  • Single mode fibre (data centre cross-connect)
  • NTU (Multi-Service Accesss)
  • Megaport VXC / ConsoleConnect / IX Australia
IP Addressing
  • Customer supplied IP addresses
  • Static or BGP Routing
IPv6 Supported
BGP Support
  • Default route
  • Full table
BGP Communities
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Policy Name Community
Do not export to upstream networks 65535:1
Do not export to peers 65535:2
Do not export route in Australia 65535:4100
Do not export route in the USA 65535:4200
Do not export route in Hong Kong, SAR 65535:4300
Do not export route in Japan 65535:4400
Do not export route in Guam 65535:4500
Do not export route in Singapore 65535:4600
Do not export route in Philippines 65535:4700
Do not export route to China 65535:23
DDoS Protection

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Why OneQode?

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OneQode provide access to international data capacity to locations around the globe. With a range of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services available, we provide high capacity, easy to deploy solutions.

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