Cloud pricing.

Simple pricing, next-level performance

  • Flat pricing
  • Same price in every location
  • Low latency network
  • Fast 1 Gbps port speed
  • 10 TB transfer included
  • Affordable data pricing
  • Free always-on DDoS protection
  • Dedicated CPUs @ 3.7 GHz+
  • Support included

Cloud instances

All current instances use Intel® Xeon® processors operating at 3.7 GHz+

Name vCPUs* RAM SSD Bandwidth Hourly Monthly (Est.)
xe.tiny 1 0.5 GB 32 GB 1 Gbps $0.021 $15.33
xe.small 1 1 GB 32 GB 1 Gbps $0.024 $17.52
xer.small 1 2 GB 32 GB 1 Gbps $0.028 $20.44
xemr.small 1 8 GB 128 GB 1 Gbps $0.068 $49.64
xe.medium 2 2 GB 64 GB 1 Gbps $0.038 $27.74
xer.medium 2 4 GB 76 GB 1 Gbps $0.054 $39.42
xemr.medium 2 16 GB 96 GB 1 Gbps $0.135 $98.55
xe.large 4 16 GB 128 GB 1 Gbps $0.181 $132.13
xer.large 4 32 GB 128 GB 1 Gbps $0.261 $190.53
xe.xlarge 6 24 GB 128 GB 1 Gbps $0.236 $172.28
xer.xlarge 6 48 GB 128 GB 1 Gbps $0.355 $259.15
xe.2xlarge 8 32 GB 256 GB 1 Gbps $0.387 $282.51
xer.2xlarge 8 64 GB 256 GB 1 Gbps $0.520 $379.60
xer.3xlarge 16 120 GB 512 GB 1 Gbps $1.095 $799.35

Pricing in USD including tax

*A vCPU is a dedicated processor thread

Data transfer

Estimate your monthly data costs:


$1.00 /mo

“Data transfer” means ingress and egress combined across your account

Data pricing follows a tiered model:

Monthly Threshold Price per GB
First 10 TB Free
Next 10 TB $1.00/TB
Above 20 TB $5.00/TB

Image storage

Storage for OS images and instance snapshots.


$1.50 /mo

Image storage is charged at $0.15/GB/mo

Volume storage

Block storage you can attach to one or more instances.


$1.00 /mo

Volume storage is charged at $0.10/GB/mo

All data is replicated 3 times across 3 locations

Object storage

S3-compatible storage ideal for large media.


$5.00 /mo

Object storage is charged at $0.025/GB/mo

IP addresses

Type Hourly Monthly (Est)
Ephemeral IP address* Free Free
Floating IP address $0.009 $6.57

* Each instance comes with one ephemeral IP address. When you reboot an instance, your IP address may change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What currency is OneQode Cloud pricing in?

The pricing on this page is in USD (United States Dollar) including tax.

Is OneQode Cloud pre-paid or post-paid?

OneQode’s cloud platform is a pre-paid service by default — which means you’ll need credit in your account to be able to create cloud instances or resources.

Post-paid services are available to select organisations on a case-by-case basis.

How does hourly billing work?

You will be billed for a minimum of 1 hour when you create a service that has hourly pricing (e.g. instance, image, object store). Billing is rounded up to the nearest hour, so if you have a service active for 1 hour and 20 minutes, you’ll be charged for 2 hours.

Am I billed for powered-off instances?

Yes — you will be billed for powered-off instances. Because resources are dedicated to you, CPU, RAM and disk space are all reserved even when powered off. To avoid being billed, delete the instance.

Can I get port speeds faster than 1 Gbps?

Not at the moment. If this is something you’re interested in, contact our team. Alternatively, a dedicated server from OneQode may be a better choice, with port speeds of up to 20 Gbps available.

Which payment methods do we accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. More payment methods are coming soon. If you would like us to support a different payment method, contact our team and let us know what you’d like.