Case Study

The league that unified Asia-Pacific
using our central server hub

15,000 kilometers apart
320 players
64 teams
15 time zones
3 continents

Our Guam (APAC Central) hub
connected 3 continents in real-time

About our Guam location

  • Reaches over half the world
  • Network optimized for real-time
  • Ultra stable game experience
  • High performance servers
  • DDoS-protected network
A map showing Mongolia and Melbourne, Australia connecting to Guam

Mongolia to Melbourne

A map showing Los Angeles, USA and New Delhi, India connecting to Guam

Los Angeles to New Delhi

A map showing Auckland, New Zealand and  Vladivostok, Russia connecting to Guam

Auckland to Vladivostok

Never before have so many players from so many regions been able to cross paths, clashing strategies, tactics and styles.

No travel required.

A map showing the OneQode network, overlaid with the countries that players joined the league from: India, Thailand, Singapore, Mongolia, China, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia and Los Angeles

OneQode Frontier is a Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) league developed with LetsPlay.Live that gives grassroots teams the opportunity to compete with teams all across the Asia-Pacific region.

Matches were primarily hosted on servers in our Guam hub for optimal intercontinental latency — and our Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney locations were used for local games.

Player feedback was phenomenal; many couldn't believe how smooth gameplay felt, in spite of distance.

Stable global latency

Quality is as important as quantity. Our network is fine-tuned for latency and stability. Zero packet loss and zero jitter ensure people can connect from around the world, at the highest possible quality.

Where milliseconds matter

Our network is as precise and time-focused as a Swiss watch. We send traffic via the most direct path, with minimal hops, connecting as close as possible to each player.

High performance everywhere

Our servers feature insanely-fast CPUs to handle the most action-filled games in high fidelity. Paired with our network, games are more intense, immersive and far-reaching.