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Unlock your gaming potential.

Experience ultimate play with Asia-Pacific’s quickest network and fastest servers

Lower your latency

Cut ping with OneQode.

You can route your game traffic over our network thanks to ExitLag and WTFast. Both have nodes on the OneQode network, taking your data via the fastest possible route.

Both have free trials — check them out!


“I have tried ExitLag and it works WONDERS. 50ms games make me feel like Thanos after he put the Mind Stone into the gauntlet”

Kevin M.


“I’ve been using WTFast and I went from averaging 200 ping to now 40-50. Thank you so much!”

Chris B.

Get faster servers

Access next-level game servers.

With blazing-fast CPUs and our low ping network you can play the game as it’s meant to be played.

OneQode in Action

Powering a groundbreaking interregional tournament.

How OneQode’s gaming infrastructure fuelled
a world-first for Asia-Pacific esports

Case Study
A live Twitch stream of OneQode’s Guam Gaming Tournament playing on a television, with two people sitting on a couch watching