About OneQode

Building the network
Australia deserves.

We're on a mission to put Australia in
the top 10 for internet speeds.

Super. Fast. Internet.

Imagine being able to watch Netflix in 4K, make a video call without the robot sounds, gaming without lag, or loading webpages quickly.

That's the future we're creating here at OneQode. We're a 21st century internet service provider engineering a completely independent Australian broadband network with high speeds and low lag.

How we're making Aussie internet faster:

Connecting Australia to
the world, fast.

The first carrier to go operational on the fastest cable to Asia from Australia's east coast.

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Creating a smoother internet for Asia-Pacific

The first to deploy infrastructure in Guam purpose-designed for smoother real-time regional internet applications.


Rolling out last-mile
internet in Australia

Deploying next-gen technology for blazing fast, low latency home and business internet connectivity.

Last Mile

Why we're doing it

The big picture:

Listen to Matt, our CEO, as he tells the story of why OneQode started, what the game plan is, and why it matters.