About Us

If you hate lag,
you’re in the right place.


We’re building
the foundation
for tomorrow’s
killer apps.
Games. Virtual Reality.
Live streaming. Voice chat.
Real-time software.
Meme stock trading tools.
Ecommerce sites.
Whatever all the kids do.
Who cares.
We can host it.

None of Asia-Pacific’s
networks were fast enough.

So we built our own.

Our global carrier network is built
from the ground up to eliminate lag.

We shoot lasers down submarine cables
to make games and apps go faster.

Our network Our story

OneQode Global Network Rollout Map A world map centred on Asia-Pacific showing the OneQode network connecting Sydney, the Sunshine Coast, Guam, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Oman, Hawiai, Vancouver, and the United States Tokyo Seattle Bay Area Los Angeles Hong Kong Singapore Guam (APAC Central) Manila Sunshine Coast Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Perth Adelaide Port Moresby Darwin Hawaii Portland Vancouver New York Ashburn Toronto Chicago Omaha Davao Manado Palau Kuching Osaka Busan Bangkok Seoul Vladivostok Surabaya Jakarta Chennai Muscat Active Planned OneQode Global Network Rollout Map Background

Now we’re building the
world’s fastest cloud.

Take the fastest CPUs, add always-on DDoS protection and fuse them into our low-latency network

Having a great network is just the beginning.

Insanely-fast servers on our network deliver performance-sensitive apps at lightning speed.

Cloud platform Dedicated servers

APAC Central

Oh, we also built Asia-Pacific’s
only central server region.

We put servers in the middle of the ocean on the Pacific island of Guam — so 1.45 billion gamers can play on a level playing field

APAC Central

The big picture

We’re building a world where latency is invisible.

Laying the foundation for the next decade of connected experiences isn’t easy. Here’s the big picture behind what we’re doing.

Our vision

100 GbE core network
30+ countries in reach
22 points of presence
33 staff