Low latency Tokyo cloud.

High performance cloud servers in Tokyo

  • High performance only
  • Latency optimized
  • API accessible
  • DDoS protected

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Less lag

A latency-optimized network that delivers your traffic faster

More performance

Faster CPUs support the most demanding computational workloads

Further reach

Private fast-lanes to the major internet providers and services

Low latency

A next-gen network that delivers
your traffic in milliseconds.

From Tokyo to Seoul, Hong Kong, United States or the world, our network sends your packets at lightning-speed.

Global network

JPIX (Japan Internet Exchange)
JPNAP (Japan Network Access Point)
BBIX (BroadBand Internet eXchange) Tokyo
Tencent Cloud
Microsoft Azure
AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Alibaba Cloud
Console Connect
China Telecom
Direct interconnections with the major cloud, communications and last-mile internet providers

The fastest digital infrastructure in Tokyo.

Host the most performance-intensive applications at our Tokyo location and deliver services at low latency via our global network.

OneQode operate compute and network services from our datacenter in Tokyo: AT TOKYO Chuo Center 1 (CC1).

About OneQode

A map illustrating our Tokyo data center (AT TOKYO Chuo Center 1 (CC1)) and international connectivity to Guam, South Korea, Russia, Seattle, and Hong Kong
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Test your connection to
our Tokyo infrastructure.

Use the test IP address below or our looking glass to check routing, latency and performance.

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